CableSoft TV Control Software

We have over 20 years of experience designing cable TV control and subscriber billing software. Our CableSoft TV Control software is used in hundreds of hospitals and cable TV systems.

Our suite of Hospital TV rental software is modular; 

CableSoft Site provides TV control and subscriber billing for single site applications.

CableSoft Server has a client server archietecture and is used in Call Center applications where multiple operators, at multiple locations can control patient TV services to over 100 hospitals using the internet.

CableSoft Voice allows subscribers to order TV service using their in-room phone.  An automated voice talks the subscriber thru the ordering process.

CableSoft WebAct allows subscribers to order TV service using any browser, from anywhere.  It works with a cell phone, tablet or PC.

CableSoft Kiosk allows subscribers to order TV service using a Kiosk in the hospital lobby.  Simply enter the room number (location), swipe a credit card in the reader and TV service is automatically activated.

CableSoft HL7 interface connects the system with the hospital's ADT (Admit/Transfer/Discharge) computer using the industry standard HL7 protocol.  This allows the automatic transer of patient TV service from one location to another when a patient changes rooms.